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Blow huge bubbles, long lasting bubbles. All you need to become a bubble blowing expert is here in Bubble Town. You will find building instructions for a very special bubble blowing tube, learn how to mix industrial strength bubble solutions, play bubble games, download a free poster and have fun.

-Bubble memory-

Bubble Memory

When I was a young boy, wonderful free gifts came in cereal boxes. Things like Flash Gordon space rings and Dick Tracy detective membership cards.

One morning while emptying the cereal box a strange object fell out. It looked like a flattened gray colored ice cream cone. Little did I know what magic was in store for me.

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-Bubble Invasion-

Bubble Invasion

Even a bubble can be TO BIG! Download a color mini-poster of the monster bubble out of control. You can make a screen saver or print it out on a color printer.

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Surfing the Net with Kids

Bubble Engineering

Years ago, I was having too much fun to wonder why this simple device could blow bubbles larger and longer-lived then the little bubble blowing rings. It was not until recently that I began to search for an answer.

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Constructing a high-technology bubble blowing tube

You don't have to look in cereal boxes for your bubble blowing tube because you can make your own with only two sheets of writing or photocopy paper, masking tape and scissors.

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-Bubble Juice-

Bubble Juice

The solution used in making bubbles is as important as the bubble making device.

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 -Blowing bubbles in the kitchen-

Site for Teachers
Site for Teachers

-Bubble Skills-

Bubble Skills

Bubble blowing techniques. A workshop of unusual tricks and games to enjoy while blowing bubbles

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-Bubble Trouble-

Bubble Trouble

This game could be dangerous to your bubbles health.

For those that have Natscape Navigator 4.0 or MSIE 4.0 browsers or newer, welcome to this exciting bubble game. Bubble Trouble is a game of chance, a slim chance that your bubbles will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

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Maptak - Maps of Costa Rica
Detailed interactive maps of Costa Rica.

-The world in a bubble-
The world in a bubble.

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