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Bubble Formula

The solution used in making bubbles is as important as the bubble making device.

-Bubble Juice-Quick start

If you want to get started blowing bubbles immediately, just mix up a bubble solution using liquid dish washing detergent. 1 part detergent and 15 parts water. About one cup of water is all you will need to get started.

Selecting the right detergent

Using the right soap or detergent is important. Some detergents, especially if they are to be used in washing machines or dishwashers will contain anti-foaming ingredients. It is best to look for soap or detergent that will never be used in machines. A good choice is a liquid dish washing detergent that is exclusively for hand washing. The detergent that I have used in the following description is Joy Ultra® made by Procter and Gamble. This product may not be available in your country so you should try liquid detergents that are made locally.


Anything that comes in contact with the solution should be clean. Any grease, alcohol or solid impurities left on mixing containers or bottles will adversely effect bubble production. The water you use can also adversely affect the solution. It is best to use "soft" water. Some water especially well water may contain minerals that are not desirable for bubble production. A good solution to start with is 1 part liquid detergent and 15 parts water.

Testing the solution

You can perform the following test to see if the solution you are using is as good as or better than mine.

In a controlled environment with the windows closed and no drafts do the following:

Blow a bubble exhaling ten times. After the tenth breath top the mouth end of the blowing tube and start timing the life span of the bubbles. When the bubble bursts, record the time in minutes and seconds. Do this ten times and then sum the ten individual tests and divide by 10 to get an average life span of the bubble. My bubbles lasted an average 2:08.

Aging of the solution

You can improve on the solution just by leaving it stand in an open container overnight. Ten hours later I used the same solution and obtained an average life span of 3:29. This is an incredible 63% improvement over the newly prepared solution.

Super bubble blowing solution - yields 1 quart

If you are a perfectionist and want a really top-notched solution try the following:

In a one quart glass or Pyrex container add 1 cup of water. The next ingredient is unusual, its origins being where I live in Costa Rica. My wife Ana used "linaza" in here bubble blowing solution when she was a child. Linaza is Spanish for linseed. Other terms are (Linseed oil - linen - flax - flaxseed). You might not want to use the linseed oil as sold in art supplies stores as I don't know what other ingredients it contains. You can expect a 25% improvement in the longevity of your bubbles if you use linseed in the formula. Add one tablespoon of the linseed to the cup of water. Mix the solution so that the seeds sink. Boil until the solution develops a slight amber or yellow tint. This will occur after about 5 minutes of boiling. You must keep an eye on the boiling solution so that it does not foam over the edge. You can also boil it in a microwave oven setting the power to about 1/2 so that it cycles and does not froth over the edge.

Allow the solution to cool and then use a strainer to remove the seeds. Dip you finger in the solution and you will notice that it is now a mucus like, slippery substance.

Add water to this solution until you have one quart of liquid. Add 1/4 cup of liquid dish washing detergent and stir without making bubbles. You can use this solution when it has cooled or leave it uncovered overnight and use it the next day. Under unfavorable conditions the solution may become rancid.

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