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Constructing a high-technology bubble blowing tube

1. -Photo step 1-

1. You don't have to look in cereal boxes for your bubble blowing tube because you can make your own with only two sheets of writing or photocopy paper, masking tape and scissors.

2. -Photo step 2-

2. Start by rolling the two paper sheets into a funnel shape.

3. -Photo step 3-

3. The small end may be without an opening if necessary as the tip will later be snipped off.

4. -Photo step 4-

4. Roll the two sheets into a tight cone or tube with the opening at the large end approximately 3 to 4 cm. in diameter (1 1/4 - 1 1/2 in.)

5. -Photo step 5-

5. Tape with masking tape. Position the tape high enough so that it will never be submerged in the soap solution.

6. =Photo step 6-

6. Cut the mouth or small end of the cone so there is an opening approximately 1 cm. in diameter.

7. -Photo step 7-

7. Look down the opening of the tube and judge the distance to where there are various layers of paper. Cut down to this level and then start cutting around the tube, making the final cut where you started.

8. -Photo step 8-

8. The edge of the cone should be completely smooth. You can check this by running your finger around the edge to detect high or rough edges. Any rough edges should be trimmed off.

9. -Photo step 9-

9. After cutting, the cone should stand upright. If it does not, trim to adjust until it does.

10. -Photo step 10-

10. The finished cone ready for bubble making. The cone can be used repeatedly, just set it out to dry after each use.

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