Drawing of a girl in the mountain
A natural phenomenon or the work of artistic cows

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Text and photographs by Michael O'Reilly

-PHOTO OF MOUNTAIN LOCATING DRAWING-South of San José Costa Rica lies a mountain range called the Cerros de Escazú. These mountains have always attracted my attention for their beauty and mystery. Not a day goes by without a glance to the South to see if she is there. Who is she? She is known as La muchacha de la montaña. To see her, I recommend that you visit La Sabana, which is a large park and recreation area in the western sector of the city. From this point you will have an unobstructed view if the mountains. If the sun is high and the day is clear, you just might see her. She is elusive and if the light is not just right you may not see her. See Thirty days in the life of a mountain.

Look South to a high point where you will see a white cross called La Cruz de Alajuelita. To the right or West you will see another high point with a radio transmission tower. Look directly down from this tower and you will see an open pasture. This open pasture area outlines the head of the girl with her face turned skyward and toward the cross. To the right of her head and down you will see another clearing which forms her shoulder and upper arm. Below her upper arm a country road winds up the mountainside which by a strange coincidence forms her outstretched forearm. The road swerves exactly where her wrist should be.

The photograph shown below is a closeup of the area I have described. The photograph has not been retouched in any way. It is exactly what the camera sees.  


If you have problems visualizing the figure, refer to the photograph below which outline the principle figure lines.


Since we are viewing the drawing at an angle and the image is distorted from our point of view, I wondered what she must look like from the air. To get an idea I compressed the photograph horizontally 50%. The result of this is shown below.


The photograph below , reflects the distorted view. I have increased the contrast of this photograph to bring out the figure. To the right, I used a graphic arts program to remove unwanted detail. Removing detail makes the outline stand out. I have not retouched this photgraph, I have only applied a "filter" which removes detail.


Is this the work of the hand of man, artistic cows, or a natural phenomenon?  Who if anyone is responsible for this intriguing figure?

I welcome constructive information, comments and especially aerial photos which I would like to publish in this article. I am curious about the conditions at the actual site. Close up photos of where the trees meet the pasture area at the profile line of her face would be a great help to determine the origin if the figure.

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