How to build the best paper airplane in the world

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-Steps 25 to 27-
25. To make the tail, fold down the center of the strip of paper to form a trough.

26. Tear as shown to form control surfaces. The folds should be parallel with the bottom of the trough.

27. Fold wings up.

-Steps 28 to 30-
28. Fold the right wing down as shown in photos 28 and 29. Take special care to angle this fold in such a way so that the leading edge of the wing is slightly higher than the trailing edge.

29. Study this photo and you will see that the fold is not exactly parallel with the trough at the bottom but slightly angled as described in photo 28.

30. The plane should look like this at this point.

-Steps 31 to 33-
31. Bend the wingtips up.

32. Insert tail into slot under wing.

33. Finished at last!

-Steps 34 and 35- Decorative paper airplanes
34. Aircraft shown with landing gears down. Note: the craft does not fly as well with the gears down.

35. Ready to fly! - IMPORTANT: For instructions on how to fly the model airplane, go to How to fly it.

Recommendation for an alternate T-tail design. A suggestion for improving the paper airplane.
Specifications for making the paper airplane legal for world record competition.
How to make the paper airplane with a Guinness rules compliant tail.
A one sheet guide for folding the paper airplane in Adobe Acrobat format.
Paper airplane assembly instructions in slide-show format. (Flash required)

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