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Fold'NFly - A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.
Paper Model Airplane - Paper airplane models that you can download for free. They range from, historic WWI, WWII and modern fighters. Download and print the models for your school project.
Fighter Game - World leader in aviation adventure.
Remote-Control-Rc-Hobby.com - Your Canadian source for RC hobby articles, free airplane plans and much more!
Airplane Collectible Net Resource
- How to make a paper airplane that flies like a real one.
Youth Sports - Sports and Hobbies Top Links
Paperang links
Favorite web links
Education World - Twenty-five activities to keep kids' brains active.
Crafts - Beadwork, clay, candle making, soap, woodworking
World Wide Learn Online - Online Courses, Lessons and Tutorials
Paper Airplanes - Resources for Kids
Articles and Tips
Fraser's Razor by Ian Fraser - Education online
The Teacher's Corner - Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans
Ramsey's Bookmarks - Astronomy. Affordable Refractor's page
CyberSleuthKIds - A K-12 Homework Helper and Directory
WannaLearn.com - Just for Fun
Flying Things - Computer Resources, Software: Exploring Aeronautics
National Science Week 2003 - Univ. of Cambridge, Dept. of Engineering
Secondary Education - Resources-Science-Physics
Paper Airplanes that Fly from FreePaperToys.com
MAD.SCI Libe: Aeronautical Engineering - Aeronautical Engineering Links. Reference. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Webgrammar's Education site - Science and Technology
Open Directory - Arts: Crafts: Origami: Paper Airplanes
My World zeppelin
3Com Home Page
Toys - Imagination - Theme park
Paper airplanes - PDF download
Aerospace Links - The Aerospace Corporation, Research, Development and Advisory Services. Aerotech Engineering and Research
WAP "Family Friendly" Links Page
Workman Publishing New York
Paper Airplane Workshop - Summer Paper Airplane Extravaganza.
Kids and Teens
Happy Pages
Just for Fun - Chateau Meddybemps
APIC - Australian Paper Industry Council
Fun with Paper and Forest Products - Magic with paper, ideas and tricks.
For Dads - Cool Stuff For Cool Dads
Information value
Resources for Science Homework Help
The Kirn Family - Model Aircraft Family - Aero Modeling Organizations. Academy of Model Aeronautics. CLAPA. European Stunt Organization.
Yahoo Canada - Recreation-hobbies-models-aircraft-paper
All About Aviation, Flight and Kites - Website compiled by Sue LeBeau. All About Aviation and Flight. Principles of Aeronautics.
PBS - Scientific American - Frontiers:Flying Free:Resources
Iceberg paper model links
Ask Earl - Howdy, gang! My name's Earl, and I'm a roving web wanderer. Every weekday, I answer a question from curious folks like you.
World Almanac for Kids
Paper Airplanes - Created and Maintained by Gail Shea Grainger
pcreativas.com - On line magazine
Google Directory - Arts: Crafts: Origami: Paper Airplanes
My World Origami and Paper Airplane Reviews
Creased.com - Origami Links
Education World - Lesson Planning Center
A to Z Kids Stuff
Lawrence Hargrave - Australian Aviation Pioneer

Older links -

Kids.Net.Au - Search engine just for kids and children.
Education Links - Links from "Free" class. Knowledge Hound
AIChE Forest Products Home Page - Hotlinks to the forest products industry, particularly paper.
Picts, Sounds, Cool Links and Much More
Paper Airplanes - Have fun with your kids family, news and hot topics.
Paper Airplanes Theme Page
Flying Free - Paper Airplane Science - Let your budding pilots test paper airplane designs and record data using the Paper Airplane Science lesson. Then, graph the results. You will be amazed.
Web Wombat Internet Directory
Aerospace Badge Links - Troop 5414.
ProTeacher! - Airplanes, aeronautics and aviation lesson plans for elementary school teachers including experiments.
CNN - Engineer's record-breaking hopes sail on paper wings - October 8, 1998
Mindspace III Aerodynamics Online Simulations

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