Chili - paper airplane

Something to throw when the family visits Taco Bell.

Special design page

This model uses a special internet browser page where you will see the design. This is the page you will print the design from. After printing, return to this page by clicking anywhere on the design, or using the "Return" button on your browser.


Use an ink-jet printer or color laser printer. Print the design on regular white bond paper.

General printer settings

  • Paper size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Area of impression: maximum
  • Size: 125% (Windows), 100% (Macintosh)
  • Position of impression: centered on page
  • Margins: As small as possible
  • Printer mode: color
  • Print quality: fast (medium quality, saves ink)

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Set up your printer as close as possible to the printer settings shown here. Now go to the Chili design page and print the background.

Wait for the paper dry before starting your project.

Folding the paper airplane

Folding the paper plane steps 1 and 2.
Folding the paper plane, step 3.
Flip the paper over, image side down, as shown in figure #1.

Fold as shown in figure #2 and #3. Now bookmark this page as you must go to the Best Paper Airplane assembly instructions (steps 1 to12 ). There are 35 steps to complete to finish the airplane.

When you finish, you should have a model that looks just like the photograph at the beginning of this page.

To learn to fly the plane go to How to fly it.

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