Paper airplane models
Paper plane models

Add color and design to your paper airplanes

If you have mastered folding the Best Paper Airplane, you are now ready to decorate it with these unique designs. For those of you who are not experts, bookmark this page and go to the Best Paper Airplane pages and practice folding the featured design.

Steps for using these designs

  1. Learn how to fold the Best Paper Airplane
  2. Download the designs that you like
  3. Print out the design on white 8 1/2" x 11" bond paper using a color inkjet printer
  4. Fold the colored sheet as you have learned in step No. 1
  5. Enjoy it!

Visit this page often as we will be constantly adding new designs for you to enjoy. We would like to hear your suggestions, just e-mail us at: Support

We know that color ink-jet printers are expensive to operate so we have carefully balanced the ink consumption so that the ink will not saturate the paper where large areas are covered with color. This also makes them dry faster. To start just browse through the available models and then select the models you like. Press the desired link to go to a download and instruction page. Instructions may differ between models so read them carefully.

FREE downloadable models that are now available:

Monarch Butterfly - New model
A stylized representation of this well know butterfly.
Scarlet Macaw -
This stylized model represents this majestic bird that can be found from southern Mexico to Peru.
Green Macaw -
A stylized representation of this breathtaking bird that can be found from eastern Honduras to Columbia and Ecuador.
Splat -
This model looks like multi-colored paint spatters.
Dog Days -
These days everything else has Dalmatian spots, so why not paper airplanes.
Commando -
If this model lands in the bushes, don't even bother looking for it.
Flight School -
If someday you want to be a pilot, or just want to know what keeps an airplane in the air, this model is for you. On all of the paper airplanes surfaces you will find information about the theory of flight and the major parts and controls of an airplane.
Safari -
If this model lands on a zebra, don't even bother looking for it.
Hot Chili -
Something to throw when the family visits Taco Bell.
Space Opera -
Does anyone remember when space ships used to look like well... space ships, and not flying gantry cranes?

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