Assembly instructions, steps 1 to 6

Steps 1 to 3

1. Start with an ordinary sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" - 21.6 x 28 cm (U.S.standard writing paper size). The exact size is not important, it should be rectangular and not square. The paper should be at least 20 Lb. bond or copy paper. 2. Fold over the left hand corner as shown. 3. Crease

Steps 4 to 6

4. Result 5. Fold over the right hand corner. 6. Crease Next step

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Aviation poetry  

I am the copilot. I sit on the right.
It's up to me to be quick and bright;
I never talk back for I have regrets,
But I have to remember what the Captain forgets.

I make out the flight plan and study the weather.
Pull up the gear, stand by to feather;
Make out the mail forms and do the reporting,
And fly the old crate while the Captain is
I take the readings, adjust the power,
Put on the heaters when we're in a shower;
Tell him where we are on the darkest night,
And do all the bookwork without any light.

I call for my Captain and buy him Cokes;
I always laugh at his corny jokes,
And once in awhile when his landings are rusty,
I always come through with "By gosh it's gusty!"

All in all I'm a general stooge,
As I sit on the right of the man I call "Scrooge";
I guess you think that is past understanding,
But maybe some day he will give me a landing!

- Keith Murray

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