Assembly instructions, steps 7 to 12

Steps 7 to 9

7. Result 8. Carefully close in the sides as shown. 9. Fold down the center line from front to back.

Steps 10 to 12

10. Fold the resulting left hand tip up as shown. 11. Crease along the bottom edge. 12. Repeat the same procedure on the right section. Next step

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Famous aviation quotes

I'll run my hand gently over the wing of a small airplane and say to him, "This plane can teach you more things and give you more gifts than I ever could. It won't get you a better job, a faster car, or a bigger house. But if you treat it with respect and keep your eyes open, it may remind you of some things you used to know -- that life is in the moment, joy matters more than money, the world is a beautiful place, and that dreams really, truly are possible." And then, because airplanes speak in a language beyond words, I'll take him up in the evening summer sky and let the airplane show him what I mean.

- Lane Wallace, 'Eyes of a Child,' Flying magazine, February 200

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