Assembly instructions, steps 31 to 36

Steps 31 to 33

31. Fold the right wing down as shown in photos 31 and 32. Take special care to angle this fold in such a way so that the leading edge of the wing is slightly higher than the trailing edge. 32. Study this photo and you will see that the fold is not exactly parallel with the trough at the bottom but slightly angled as described in photo 31. 33. The plane should look like this at this point.

Steps 34 to 36

34. Bend the wingtips up. 35. Insert tail into slot under wing. 36. Finished at last! How to fly it!

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- Russell Schweickart, astronaut, returning from Apollo 9.

Birds in flight, claims the architect Vincenzo Volentieri, are not between places -- they carry their places with them. We never wonder where they live: they are at home in the sky, in flight. Flight is their way of being in the world.
- Geoff Dyer

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